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Namdo Market Food of the Month

A bowl full of winter warmth, Namwon-style bamboo shoot stew.

When the weather is getting colder, when you crave hot soup, or when you need winter health food, there is a food for you. The food is Namwon's special loach stew, 'Namwon-style bamboo shoot loach stew.'

This bamboo shoot loach stew is made by adding bamboo shoots to Namwon's special secret recipe for loach stew, creating a savory and rich broth. It is convenient to eat when you want to eat rich loach stew.

Whole live domestic fish received on the day are ground up, and domestically produced bamboo shoots, radish green radish, garlic, etc. are used together, so that anyone, regardless of gender or age, can comfortably enjoy a health food.

By selecting only carefully selected bamboo shoots of high quality from Damyang, Jeollanam-do, the delicate fragrance and soft, chewy texture of the bamboo shoots are preserved in the loach stew.

In addition, it can be simply cooked and eaten without any cumbersome preparation process, making it easy to prepare a special and healthy home-cooked meal for single students, dual-income couples, and those who worry about side dishes every day.

Enjoy a bowl of hot soup comfortably and easily at home.

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