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Namdo Market Food of the Month

Looking for camping food? Get Easy-To-Eat And Delicious Abalone Fried Rice

October is the best time to enjoy camping and picnics, so we introduce “3 types of frozen abalone fried rice with plump mini abalone and plenty of seafood (Abalone seafood fried rice, kimchi abalone fried rice, hijiki fried rice) ” as a meal suitable for this beautiful season. This special dish has an even more special taste because it contains whole Wando abalone.

It is the best choice for camping cooking because it is conveniently frozen and easy to take with you. The rich taste of seafood and the savory flavor of abalone come together to create a delicious meal.

It contains whole mini abalone, which is rich in nutritional value and makes camping trips with the whole family more enriching. Bring this food to a picnic party held at a campsite while soaking up the fall sunshine in October. This special meal shared with family and friends will remain unforgettable.

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