[Damgru] Namwon-style Bamboo Shoot Chueotang 400g

[Damgru] Namwon-style Bamboo Shoot Chueotang 400g

[Damgru] Namwon-style Bamboo Shoot Chueotang 400g


    [Damgru] Namwon-style Bamboo Shoot Chueotang 400g

    It is a bamboo shoot chueotang that adds bamboo shoots to Namwon's special recipe for chueotang to enhance the savory and rich taste of soup.
    It's good to eat thick chueotang when you want to eat it.

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    1. In Namwon's special secret recipe, we ground the whole domestic live fish that was stocked on the same day.
    It contains domestic bamboo shoots, radish dried radish greens, and garlic, so anyone of all ages can eat healthy food.

    2. Only selected quality bamboo shoots were selected in Damyang, Jeollanam-do, and the subtle scent and soft and chewy texture of bamboo shoots were preserved in chueotang.

    3. You can simply cook and eat it without the cumbersome process of grooming. For students living alone, double-income couples, and those who are worried about side dishes every day, special and healthy home meals can be easily solved.

    4. With a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system, we produce products that can be safely eaten. Production and quality control are conducted under the HACCP standard.

    Eat like this!

    1. If you add sujebi, it's delicious chueotang.

    2. It's even better if you add a drop of sesame oil to your preference, including Sancho powder, perilla seed powder, chives, and garlic.


    Storage Method

    keep it in the freezer


    Product details

    Product Name : Bamboo Shoot Chueotang

    Capacity : 400g

    Ingredients : Plant mixed extract [refined water, strawberry leaf, onion shell, sweet potato leaf, scrubbing fruit], cabbage cabbage, bamboo shoots, loach, perilla, doenjang, complex seasoning food, garlic, red pepper powder, rice powder, ginger, beef bone powder, pepper powder

    Manufacturer : Damyang Bamboo Shun Farming Association

    Salesperson : Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method : keep it in the freezer.

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