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Namdo Market Food of the Month

Enjoy a Sweet Treat Together: Haenam Honey Sweet Potato Ice-roasted Sweet Potatoes for the Whole Family

December has arrived, and with it comes the special joy of spending warm moments with family. To enrich these precious times, let me introduce you to a delightful snack that the whole family can gather around and enjoy: Haenam Honey Sweet Potato Ice-roasted Sweet Potatoes.

This treat is truly special on its own. Made from the renowned sweet potatoes of Haenam, it boasts a delightful sweetness. Whether you prefer it chilled as ice or warmed up quickly in the microwave for that piping hot roasted flavor, the aromatic essence of the sweet potato unfolds, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of enjoying street food together.

Especially during the cold and windy winter, the warmth of the roasted sweet potatoes becomes even more heartwarming. Imagine sitting with your family, savoring a warm bite of sweet potato that feels like honey, filling the air with the delightful aroma – it's sure to make winter feel cozier.

Moreover, this snack isn't just for warding off hunger; it's a fantastic option for a quick and satisfying meal substitute. Packed with nutrition, it ensures everyone in the family is content. Add this treat to your precious family moments. With its warm and delightful taste, it will surely bring happiness to your year-end gatherings.

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