[JS Korea] Premium Wando abalone 3pc

[JS Korea] Premium Wando abalone 3pc

[JS Korea] Premium Wando abalone 3pc

    [JS Korea] Premium Wando Abalone 3pc

    Healthy live abalones grown by the Wando Sea are contained in canned food. It's trimmed, so it's easy to cook.

    100% Wando self-ripening abalone with excellent taste and texture, using only 1-2 year old abalone

    Only 1-2 year old abalones grown in Wando are used.

    It is abalone raised with kelp and seaweed, so the taste and texture are excellent.

    Since it is already trimmed, you can easily use it for cooking as needed.

    How to enjoy

    It can be used in a variety of ways, such as abalone porridge, abalone fried rice, braised and stir-fried abalone. Since it is a self-cooked abalone, it can be eaten right away, and it is slightly seasoned, so it is great as a nutritious snack for children and adults even without additional seasoning.

    Manufacturer's Promise

    Hygienic and safe food is produced in a facility approved by HACCP, FSSC 22000, HALAL, and the US FDA, meticulously checking from raw material warehousing to shipment.

    Product details

    Product name : Premium Wando Abalone 3pc

    Volume : 100g

    Ingredients : Abalone 

    Manufacturer : JS Korea

    Seller : Kreassive LLC

    Storage : Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and humid places.

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