[Expiration Date 02/19/2024] [Haenong] Gold Standard Gimbap Laver 200g

[Expiration Date 02/19/2024] [Haenong] Gold Standard Gimbap Laver 200g

[Expiration Date 02/19/2024] [Haenong] Gold Standard Gimbap Laver 200g


    [Haenong] Gold Standard Gimbap Laver 200g

    The taste of kimbap varies greatly depending on the quality of the kimbap seaweed. Carefully selected original taste! This is Haenong’s best kimbap kimbap.

    Item Specialty Checkpoint

    1. This kimbap seaweed is made by selecting and purchasing good raw materials and has an excellent fragrant aroma and taste.
    2. Stored in a dried seaweed distribution center optimized for seaweed, the best quality is maintained.
    3. It has excellent color and aroma, so it is often used in gimbap restaurants.

    Manufacturing process

    We automate and unify the dried seaweed distribution center and all processes to maintain the highest quality 365 days a year, from purchase of raw materials from the clean waters of the South Sea to sales.
    Operate the hand sterilizer, air shower, foreign matter separator, and metal detector.
    To ensure a hygienic production environment, we operate a clean room and manage air temperature, humidity, indoor pressure, and airborne particles.

    How to use it

    1. When going on a picnic, let's make delicious gimbap seaweed by adding various ingredients such as pickled radish, burdock, and ham.
    2. It is delicious to roast seaweed, dip it in chive seasoning, and eat it wrapped with warm rice.

    Product Details

    Product Name: Gold Standard Gimbap Laver

    Volume: 200g

    Ingredient: Seaweed (domestic) 100%

    Manufacturer: Haenong

    Distributor: Kreassive LLC

    Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

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