[Wando_Gogeum_Bada Fisheries Corp.] Maesaengi 200g (50gx4pcs)

[Wando_Gogeum_Bada Fisheries Corp.] Maesaengi 200g (50gx4pcs)

[Wando_Gogeum_Bada Fisheries Corp.] Maesaengi 200g (50gx4pcs)

    [Wando_Goguem_Bada] Ready-To-Eat Maesaengi 200g(50gx4ea)
    Maesaengi is a representative winter seaweed produced in the Namdo region. Grown in the clean area of ​​Wando’s Gogeum Sea, it is full of the rich scent of the sea. They are particularly rich in nutrients and taste great. Haepeum maesaengi selects only the best maesaengi with the freshness of the production area as it is.

    Item Specialty Checkpoint
    1. Clean wind and warm sunlight, healthy food that was born and raised in the sea of ​​Gogeum, Wando. It is a winter seasonal seaweed that grows naturally in water and sunlight, and has excellent taste and nutrition.
    2. It is packaged so that it is easy to eat, so it is highly utilized when cooking.

    3. We conduct thorough quality control and hygiene management with the idea that my family eats in a hygienic and safe facility. It is safely produced in a safe facility that you can trust and eat.

    Enjoy it like that

    After defrosting all dishes! Put it right away and cook it.
    * Maesaeng Soup: A refreshing and cool taste that is good for a hearty meal (Do not boil for a long time)

    2. Maesaeng Pancake: Add a little glutinous rice powder before maesaeng! A nutritious snack that is delicious and easy to enjoy

    3. Maesaengi Pasta: Healthy and luxurious seaweed pasta

    Manufacturing process
    It goes through the process of planting feet in the sea, farming, collecting, sorting, and washing in fresh water three times, removing foreign substances, and rapidly freezing 50g at a time to make it fresher.

    It is a living organism that grows attached to bamboo and is washed when collected, but impurities may be mixed little by little.

    Product detail

    Product Name: Ready-to-Eat Maesaengi
    Capacity: 200g (50gx4ea)
    Ingredients: Maesaeng
    Manufacturer : Wando_Gogeum_Bada
    Salesperson: Kreassive LLC
    Storage Method: Freezing

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