[Arawoom Co. Ltd. ] Roasted Squid Snack 25g

[Arawoom Co. Ltd. ] Roasted Squid Snack 25g

[Arawoom Co. Ltd. ] Roasted Squid Snack 25g

    Arawoom Co. Ltd.

    [Arawoom Co. Ltd. ] Roasted Squid Snack 25g

    A chewy and tasty snack that is made with the legs of giant squid. 

    Item Specialty Checkpoint

    1. The more you chew, the tastier it gets.

    2.  A delicious and healthy snack for the kids and adult alike!

    3. The small packaging makes it convenient to bring along to anywhere you go

    Enjoy it like this!

    Grill it lightly over fire to soften it up and add even more taste and smell.

    You can also pair it with your favorite beer!

    Manufacturer's Promise

    We produce products that can be eaten with confidence through a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system. (Production and quality control are carried out under HACCP standards.)

    Product details

    Product Name: Roasted Squid Snack 25g

    Volume: 25g

    Ingredients: King squid legs

    Manufacturer: Arawoom Co. Ltd.

    Distributer: Kreassive LLC

    Storage method: Store in a cool place away from sunlight

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