[Arawoom Co. Ltd. ] Premium Filefish Fillet Jerky 260g

[Arawoom Co. Ltd. ] Premium Filefish Fillet Jerky 260g

[Arawoom Co. Ltd. ] Premium Filefish Fillet Jerky 260g

    [Arawoom] Premium Filefish Fillet Jerky 260g
    In Korea, there are a few snacks you must eat when you stop by a highway rest area. One of them is the nostalgic rat chipper made with rat fish meat.
    Lightly roasted over an open fire, the outside is crispy, and the saltiness and sweetness of each bite make it a snack that keeps you going. It's good to take out and eat when you go out with your family, or sometimes when you need a simple snack for your parents.

    Item Specialty Checkpoint

    1. The more you chew, the more savory and delicious the national snack, rat chipotle. If you eat it lightly roasted over a fire, the flavor and softness harmonize, making it even more delicious. It's delicious even if you eat it lightly spicy seasoned or fried in oil.

    2. It's a light size, so it's good as a snack for children or a beer snack for adults. It is a nutritious snack that can be taken out and eaten anytime, anywhere.

    3. We produce products that can be eaten safely with a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system. (Production and quality control are conducted under the HACCP standard.)

    Enjoy it like that
    1. In case of roasting: It is good to eat by lightly roasting on a gas stove.
    2. In case of frying: If you lightly fry it in cooking oil, the crispy taste doubles.
    3. When reheating: It is good to eat by simply heating it in a microwave oven.
    4. If you put it in a toaster and bake it, simple and delicious grilled rat meat is complete.

    Product details
    Product Name: Fish Fillet Jerky
    Capacity: 260g
    Ingredients: Fish meat, sugar, di-sorbitol, refined salt, sodium L-glutarate
    Manufacturer : Arawoom
    Salesperson: Kreassive LLC
    Storage Method: After opening, consume as soon as possible, seal and refrigerate.

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