[Shinan] Tuna sauce 580g

[Shinan] Tuna sauce 580g

[Shinan] Tuna sauce 580g

    [Shinan] Tuna sauce 580g

    It is a tuna sauce that will reduce the unique smoke scent of tuna and enhance the original flavor.

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    1. The tuna sauce with artificial taste reduces the smoke scent and utilizes the flavor of Katsuo to make it more flavorful.

    2. After ripening, self-cooked, and extracting Korean shrimp and anchovies, they are mixed with fish soy sauce to give a light and natural taste.

    3. Use conveniently to season food instead of salt, soy sauce, and boiled soy sauce.


    Eat like this!

    1. It is used to season all dishes instead of soy sauce or salt.
    2. Use an appropriate amount depending on the type, amount, and preference of the dish.

    3. Use an appropriate amount as a seasoning for the flavor of the finished dish.
    4. It's even better to mix it with our Korean broth. *Make broth with Korean stock and finish with tuna liquid or fish soy sauce at the end of cooking.

    Example of cooking (based on earthen pot, 500 ml)
    *One serving of kimchi stew: 1 coin broth + 1 spoon of liquid
    *Steamed eggs for 2-3 people: 1 coin broth + 1 spoon of liquid
    *bean sprout salad 300g: 1 pack of powdered broth + 1 spoon of liquid


    Product details

    Product Name : Tuna sauce

    Capacity : 580g

    Ingredients : Purified water, purified salt, katsuobushi extract NO.70 (Japanese/katanga extract, mixed katanga extract, protein hydrolysis, purified salt, dried katanga extract), tuna liquid [smoked tuna extract (from the Philippines, Thailand)], purified salt, kelp extract, sugar, no extract, ripe anchovies, shrimp ripening liquid ( anchovies, salted shrimp), sugar, Iengatsuobushi (kadarang (foreign: Filipino, Indonesian and Thai), 5-Inosinic acid disodium Hanagatsu extract KT-150Y (Japanese/kadarang extract), mixed fish extractextract), sauce, kelp, licorice concentrate, citric acid [contains soybean, wheat, mackerel, shrimp, shellfish]

    Manufacturer : Shinan

    Salesperson : Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method :

    1. Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.
    2. Refrigerate as much as possible after opening.
    3. The small amount of sediment left in the broth after cooking is from the raw material, so don't worry.

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