[Kumbok Foods] Wando Seaweed 150g

[Kumbok Foods] Wando Seaweed 150g

[Kumbok Foods] Wando Seaweed 150g

    [Kumbok Foods] Wando Seaweed 150g

    Silky seaweed that is clean and full of the scent of the sea collected from the clean seas of ​​Wando.

    Based on 40 years of experience, silk seaweed produced by carefully selecting only the best raw grass from the Wando Sea

    Only the finest raw seaweed was carefully selected and produced.

    It is firmer and softer because it is seaweed grown in the sea off Wando, which is blessed with natural pulse stones.

    How to use

    Enjoy it with a variety of dishes, such as seaweed soup, cold seaweed with vinegar, and seaweed shrimp pancake.

    Manufacturing Process

    It is a more reliable product as it directly collects, selects, and proceeds to packaging.

    Product Details

    Product name : Wando Seaweed 150g

    Volume : 150 g

    Ingredients : Seaweed

    Manufacturer : Kumbok Food Company

    Seller : Kreassive LLC

    Storage : Within 2 months from date of manufacture - Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and humid places. - When storing in a refrigerator, keep the product well sealed to keep it for a long time.


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