[BOSEONG JEDA] Sweet Matcha Powder 150g

[BOSEONG JEDA] Sweet Matcha Powder 150g

[BOSEONG JEDA] Sweet Matcha Powder 150g

    [BOSEONG JEDA] Sweet Matcha Powder 150g

    Enjoy a healthy and sweet matcha latte with our rich matcha powder made from Boseong, Korea.

    1. Made with 40% high-quality matcha powder giving a rich and smooth matcha taste.

    2. Enjoy the light sweetness of erythritol and enzyme-modified stevia, an alternative to sugar that is low in calories.

    3. Our powders are produced in compliance with organic processing certification regulations starting from cultivation to production and processing. With an eco-friendly system, we provide stable and clean tea by obtaining international certification as well as domestic organic produce and organically processed foods.

    Try it like this!

    1. Add 10g of powder to 200 ml of milk and mix well to dissolve the powder. Enjoy a delicious matcha latte with ice during the summer or enjoy it hot during the winter.

    2. Add a little water to the matcha powder to make matcha syrup. Sprinkle it on ice cream to make matcha ice cream.

    Product Details

    Product Name: Sweet Matcha Powder 150g

    Volume: 150g

    Ingredients: Matcha (Green Tea Powder), Enzymatically Modified Stevia, Erythritol

    Manufacturer: BOSEONG JEDA

    Manufacturer: Kreassive LLC

    Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

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