[BADASONAE] Deep fried squid 700g

[BADASONAE] Deep fried squid 700g

[BADASONAE] Deep fried squid 700g

    BADASONAE Deep fried squid 700g

    Plump and chewy squid filled with a crispy outside and moist inside, making it a delicious squid fry

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    1. Selected for use are high-quality, large squids, fresh and low in calories but high in protein, and rich in essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12

    2. Leverage BADASONAE's unique frying powder for an irresistible, golden-brown squid fry that boasts the perfect crunch on the outside and succulent tenderness inside. Elevate your taste experience with our expertly crafted recipe

    3. An ideal snack for when hunger strikes, this convenient food is perfect for easy and quick enjoyment anytime, anywhere


    Eat like this!

    No need to thaw; simply place in an air fryer or frying pan for easy and quick cooking


    Product details

    Product Name : BADASONAE Deep fried squid 700g

    Capacity : 700G

    Ingredients : Squid, Frying Mix(wheat, salt, ginger powder, sodium, polyphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, pepper powder, oleoresin turmeric), Water, Corn Starch(corn starch, sodium hydrogen carbonate), Brown Rice Oil

    Manufacturer : BADASONAE

    Salesperson : Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method : Store in the Freezer

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