[Migagulbi] Beopseongpo Yeonggwang Gulbi Set (80g*20 pieces)

[Migagulbi] Beopseongpo Yeonggwang Gulbi Set (80g*20 pieces)

[Migagulbi] Beopseongpo Yeonggwang Gulbi Set (80g*20 pieces)

    [Migagulbi] Beopseongpo Yeonggwang Gulbi Set (80g*20 pieces)

    Introducing the pride of the sea, the "Beopseongpo Yeonggwang Gulbi Set." We meticulously select only Korean-raised chamso and prepare the gulbi with the traditional method of removing excess brine, enhancing its flavor through careful agami salting. Our commitment to quality includes thorough inspections of size and weight, ensuring plump and flavorful chamso. Crafted with dedication, our gulbi offers a clean taste and aroma, providing you with a truly special culinary experience.

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    1. The MiGa Gulbi set from Beopseongpo proudly features only carefully selected Korean-raised chamso. With the removal of excess brine and the traditional method of agami salting, it boasts the highest quality.

    2. Crafted using only chamso that has undergone strict inspections from weight to size, Beopseongpo's gulbi ensures reliability. With plump flesh and full flavor, it stands as a trustworthy choice.

    3. It is delivering rich pleasure in every bite. Experience the unique flavor of Gulbi from Beopseongpo!


    Eat like this!

    1. Grilled Gulbi:
    Try grilling gulbi by briefly dipping it in seasoning – salt, pepper, garlic, and cooking oil. When grilled, the savory flavor of gulbi comes alive, offering a tender and moist texture. It makes for a delightful meal or a perfect companion to drinks.

    2. Gulbi Seaweed Soup:
    Explore the refreshing taste of gulbi by incorporating it into seaweed soup. The clean flavor of gulbi, combined with the rich nutrients of seaweed, creates a healthy and delicious bowl.


    Product details

    Product Name : Beopseongpo Yeonggwang Gulbi Set

    Capacity : 80g*20piece

    Ingredients : Small yellow croaker, sun-dried salt

    Manufacturer : Migagulbi

    Salesperson : Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method : Store in the Freezer

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