[Migagulbi] Steamed Barley Yellow Croaker 160g

[Migagulbi] Steamed Barley Yellow Croaker 160g

[Migagulbi] Steamed Barley Yellow Croaker 160g

    [Migagulbi] Steamed Barley Yellow Croaker 160g

    Barley yellow croaker, fermented in barley, has an attractive savory taste and chewy texture the more you chew. Steamed barley oysters from Beopseongpo, Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do, the home of galbi, also boast a unique flavor. It is steamed barley curd, a top-notch rice side dish with a consumer review rating of 4.9 and a repurchase rate of 99% in Korea.

    Item Specialty Checkpoint
    1. All barley yellow croaker of Miga gulbi uses only 100% domestic top-quality sun-dried salt.
    2. Add bay salt to the gills of the yellow croaker and let them dry naturally, and after sufficient drying, mark the salty taste!
    3. Inimitable gulbi taste know-how handed down as a family business by three generations! The patented manufacturing method using ramie leaves minimizes fishy smell and grease, and is processed to make it more clean and simple.
    4. No more cumbersome cooking and burdensome smell of fish! Meals are ready in 2 minutes in the microwave!

    Enjoy it like this !

    It is perfect as a side dish for high-quality rice, easy meal preparation, and perfect as a gift full of sincerity. You can experience a rich taste by rolling rice in green tea and eating it with gulbi.

    The intestines of steamed barley oysters may melt when microwaved due to the storage method and temperature. You can eat it more cleanly by refrigerating it thoroughly before eating, then cooking it, or by removing only the internal parts with scissors or a knife.

    Product details

    Product Name: Steamed barley yellow croaker
    Capacity: 160g
    Ingredients: 99% fat tax, 0.5% sea salt, 0.5% ramie leaf powder
    Shelf life: 1 year in freezer

    Manufacturer : Rice coriander
    Distributor :  Kreassive LLC
    Storage Method: Store in Freezer

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