[Damguru] Boiled Sea Snail Meat 500g

[Damguru] Boiled Sea Snail Meat 500g

[Damguru] Boiled Sea Snail Meat 500g

    [Damguru] Boiled Sea Snail Meat 500g

    When you rub the soybean paste containing chewy snails into the rice and place it on top of the ssam, your mouth will be filled with delicious taste. Snails are delicious when boiled in soybean paste stew or eaten with vinegared soybean paste.
    However, since it is cumbersome to clean, we are introducing a product made with only snail flesh to alleviate that inconvenience.

    Item Specialty Checkpoint

    1. Damyang, Jeonnam is an ecological city and is the city with the best preserved natural state. This is a snail prepared by Damru, grown healthily in the clear sunlight and clean water of Damyang, Jeollanam-do.

    2. Growing in a natural environment, the meat is plump and has a unique chewy taste. After carefully preparing, we deliver the savory and chewy taste of the snail

    3. Processed in a clean sanitary facility certified by HACCP. We clean it thoroughly and package it so that you can consume it with peace of mind. It is a natural, pollution-free snail meat that contains no additives or preservatives.

    How to use it

    1. Boil snail meat, tofu, zucchini, and green onions in savory soybean paste to create a savory and delicious snail soybean paste stew.
    2. Add snail meat to soybean paste and eat it as ssambap. The chewy texture of snail makes ssambap more delicious.
    3. Add crunchy cucumbers and snails and make a sour seasoning to create a sweet and sour snail cucumber salad. It is also good as a side dish for rice or as a side dish for drinks.

    Product details

    Product Name: Boiled Sea Snail Meat 500g

    Volume: 500g

    Ingredients: Snail

    Manufacturer: Damyang Juksoon Farming Association Corporation

    Distributor: Kreassive LLC Storage method: Freeze storage

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