[Dadorak] Green Tea Noodles 500g

[Dadorak] Green Tea Noodles 500g

[Dadorak] Green Tea Noodles 500g


    [Dadorak] Green Tea Noodles 500g

    Healthy Korean wheat green tea noodles made with bay salt and green tea without tar colorants or preservatives.

    1. Korean wheat green tea noodles with a chewy texture and light taste made with Boseong green tea grown organically grown green tea leaves.

    2. It is a healthy noodle made with domestic sun-dried salt and without tar colorants or preservatives.

    3. We make food that is clean and good for our body by receiving FDA certification and quality management system certification.

    How to enjoy
    It can be used for various noodle dishes such as green tea bibim noodles, green tea seori taekong noodles, green tea banquet noodles, and perilla oil green tea noodles.

    Product details

    Product name : Green Tea Noodles

    Volume : 500g

    Ingredients : Wheat flour (domestic) 94.5%, green tea (boseong organic) 5%, bay salt (domestic) 0.5%

    Manufacturer : Dadorak

    Distributer : Kreassive LLC

    Store method : Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. It is recommended to consume as soon as possible after opening

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