[Dagam Food] INJEOLMI (100g X 10PC)

[Dagam Food] INJEOLMI (100g X 10PC)

[Dagam Food] INJEOLMI (100g X 10PC)


    [Dagam Food] INJEOLMI (100g X 10PC)

    It is our traditional Injeolmi made by coating savory soybean flour with Korean glutinous rice that we farmed ourselves.
    It is produced by hand with utmost sincerity, and the chewy taste is excellent.

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    1. Made by kneading several times with Korean glutinous rice, chewy rice cake coated with savory bean powder.

    2. They are individually wrapped in bite-size pieces, so you can take them with you while traveling or studying.

    3. With a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system, we produce products that can be safely eaten. Production and quality control are conducted under the HACCP standard.    

    Eat like this!

    After freezing, defrost naturally for 30-1 hours to enjoy it even more.

    Product details

    Product Name : INJEOLMI

    Capacity : 100g x 10PC

    Ingredients : Nonglutinous rice 79.5%, fried sesame seeds 3.8%, sugar, cactus powder 4.5%, refined salt, purified water, soft flour       

    Manufacturer : Dagam Food

    Salesperson : Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method : If you store it at room temperature or in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, there is a risk that the rice cake will harden or go bad, so be sure to keep it in the freezer.

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