[NECIPE INC] Thick Perilla Oil 500ml

[NECIPE INC] Thick Perilla Oil 500ml

[NECIPE INC] Thick Perilla Oil 500ml

    [NECIPE INC] Thick Perilla Oil 500ml
    It is rich and savory perilla oil made with 100% Korean ingredients and painstakingly squeezed by artisans in the traditional way.

    1. Made by squeezing only once with 100% whole perilla seeds, it has a fresh and savory taste.

    2. A drop of perilla oil in a variety of prepared dishes enhances the taste and flavor of the food.

    3. Made by craftsmen in the traditional way without any chemical additives, the whole family can enjoy it with confidence

    4. Unlike expensive, low-weight commercially available perilla oil, the whole family can enjoy it in a generous amount.

    How to enjoy

    You can enhance the flavor by using it in stir-fried dishes or dried vegetables. If you eat it with perilla oil makguksu seasoned with thick soy sauce, perilla oil, and tsuyu, the savory taste is excellent.

    Product details

    Product name : This Perilla Oil

    Volume : 500ml

    Ingredients : Whole perilla seeds

    Manufacturer : NECIPE INC.

    Distributer : Kreassive LLC

    Store method : Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

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