[NECIPE INC] Salted Octopus 250g

[NECIPE INC] Salted Octopus 250g

[NECIPE INC] Salted Octopus 250g


    [NECIPE INC] Salted Octopus 250g
    It is salted octopus, a national side dish seasoned with Namdo-style seasoning with traditional Namdo-style seasoning.

    Salted octopus that is perfect for a side dish that you never get tired of eating

    salted octopus made with salty, sweet and spicy southern Korean seasoning.
    Delicious seasoning is added to the plump octopus, giving it a savory and sweet-spicy flavor.
    Because it is a low-salt salted octopus, it is good as a side dish because you can eat it every day without getting tired of it.

    How to enjoy
    Try making pancakes with salted octopus. You can also add a spoonful of salted squid to various types of bibimbap or fried rice.

    Manufacturing Process

    We produce products that can be eaten safely with a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system. (Production and quality control are conducted under the HACCP standard.)

    Product details

    Product Name: Salted Octopus 250g

    Volume: 250g

    Ingredients: Octopus, salt, starch syrup, red pepper powder, garlic, sugar, sesame, ginger, L-sodium glutamate, fish sauce, glycine

    Manufacturer: NECIPE INC

    Distributer: Kreassive LLC

    Storage method: Keep refrigerated. Consume as soon as possible after opening

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