[Nampo Products] Goheung Easy Cut Seaweed 300g

[Nampo Products] Goheung Easy Cut Seaweed 300g

[Nampo Products] Goheung Easy Cut Seaweed 300g

    [Nampo Products] Goheung Easy Cut Seaweed 300g

    We collected seaweed grown in the clear and clean waters of Goheung and washed it thoroughly by hand. The stem part, which is difficult to cook, is removed and only the leaf part is left, so there is no hassle when cooking.

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    1. This is simple seaweed that is cut and washed cleanly for convenient cooking. The texture is soft and you won’t feel burdened if you eat it often.
    2. There are no artificial ingredients such as MSG, artificial flavoring, synthetic coloring, or synthetic preservatives, so you can enjoy the natural taste.
    3. Seaweed prevents anemia and relieves stomachache by loosening the stomach. It is beneficial to health as it is rich in calcium, dietary fiber, iron, and alginic acid.

    All of Oknam Ahn's seaweed is 100% domestically produced, and only seaweed grown in a healthy manner is hygienically dried and carefully packed/shipped in zipper bags. We collected many small seaweed fronds and made them into a generous volume of around 300g.

    How to use it

    There is no need to wash Ahn Oknam's simple seaweed. You can just soak it in water and cook it. Even if it is soaked for a long time, it does not become mushy and contains enough good ingredients to retain the flavor of the soup. You can eat it as seasoned seaweed, seaweed bugak, cold seaweed soup, and seaweed soup with beef.

    Product Details

    Product Name: [Chardmen] Healthy Vegetable Drink (30 Pack)

    Volume: 80ml

    Ingredients: Purified water, organic radish, organic carrot, organic burdock, organic sugar cane, Aronia concentrate, organic purple carrot concentrate, organic radish, organic shiitake mushroom, ginger, vitamin C

    Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

    Manufacturer: Charmden Health Science Co. Ltd.

    Distributer: Kreassive LLC

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