[Cheongyeon Fisheries] Frozen Hairtail 340g

[Cheongyeon Fisheries] Frozen Hairtail 340g

[Cheongyeon Fisheries] Frozen Hairtail 340g

    [Cheongyeon Fisheries] Frozen Hairtail 340g

    Hairtail with rich and tender flesh, grown in the natural and clean waters of Jeju. Preserved in a way to make them delicious without the fishy scent. This is 100% Korea Jeju hairtail that have been cut into pieces and packed neatly in vacuumed packaging. Store in your freezer and take it out one by one whenever you need!

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    1. Hairtail is both delicious and healthy! Hairtails contains six times more anti-cancer effectiveness than garlic.

    2. We only use 100% domestic hairtail grown in the clean waters of Jeju!

    3. Our hairtails are in excellent condition because they are caught one by on.

    4. One hairtail is cut into 4 pieces, individually vacuum packed, and perforated to make them easy to store and eat.


    Eat it like this!

    You can cook and eat according to your taste, such as grilling or adding it to your favorite stews.

    Manufacturer's Promise

    With a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system, we produce products that can be safely eaten. Production and quality control under HACCP standards.

    Product details

    Product Name: [Cheongyeon Fisheries] Frozen Hairtail 340g

    Capacity :  340g

    Ingredients: Hairtail (domestic product) 99.3%, Bay salt (domestic product) 0.5%, Samchae powder (domestic product) 0.1%, Kelp powder (domestic product) 0.1%

    Source: Cheongyeon Fisheries

    Salesperson: Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method: Freezing

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