[DAGAMFOOD Corporation] Chewy Red Bean Rice Cake (4pcs x 6packs)

[DAGAMFOOD Corporation] Chewy Red Bean Rice Cake (4pcs x 6packs)

[DAGAMFOOD Corporation] Chewy Red Bean Rice Cake (4pcs x 6packs)

    [DAGAMFOOD Corporation] Chewy Red Bean Rice Cake (4pcs x 6packs)

    Are times when you crave sweet snacks on a boring and tiring afternoon? We have a perfect snack for those occasions. Dagam Food's red bean rice cake is only made with Korean rice to make them more chewy and delicious. They are perfectly sized to eat in one bite and explodes with a sweet red bean flavor the moment you take a bite.

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    1. Small red bean rice cakes with a dainty shape that is easy to eat in one bite. Made with Korean non-glutinous rice, it has a soft texture that goes well with the thick and sweet red bean paste.

    2. Thaw naturally at room temperature to enjoy the taste of soft and chewy red bean rice cakes

    3. They are conveniently sized to be eaten anywhere with their individual packaging. Perfect for going out, busy mornings, or as a nutritious snack for children.

    Eat like this!
    1. It is a quick-freezing product, so it is okay to re-freeze it because it is different from normal freezing. After receiving, please refrigerate immediately.
    2. It is recommended to take out and defrost naturally at room temperature for 30 minutes. Eat it chilled for a more chewy texture.
    3. Rice cakes may harden or deteriorate when stored at room temperature or refrigerated.

    Manufacturer's Promise

    We produce products that can be eaten safely with a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system. (Production and quality control are conducted under HACCP production standards.)

    Product details

    Product Name : Chewy Red Bean Rice Cake (4 pieces x 6packs)

    Capacity: 600g

    Ingredients: Nonglutinous rice 81.6%, red bean sediment 8.2%, dried mugwort, refined salt, purified water, soft flour

    Manufacturer: DAGAMFOOD Corporation

    Salesperson: Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method: Store in Freezer

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