[Fromwell] Traditional Soybean Paste 1kg

[Fromwell] Traditional Soybean Paste 1kg

[Fromwell] Traditional Soybean Paste 1kg

    [Fromwell] Traditional Soybean Paste 1kg

    Soybean Paste made by fermentation master Kim In-soon using a traditional Korean fermentation method.

    Item Specialty Checkpoint

    1. Our soybean pastes are made by fermenting soybeans in the sun while resting in our homemade jars.

    2. We use an ultra-low salt method with 4% salt content, for a cleaner and deeper taste.

    3. We carefully select only the best traditional ingredients such as domestic soybeans, plum extract, and 10-year-aged sun-dried salt.

    Enjoy it like this!

    Enjoy a delicious soybean paste bibimbap by only adding soybean paste to your rice
    Dissolve the soybean paste in your broth, add vegetables, and boil for a delicious soybean paste stew.

    Manufacturer's Promise

    We produce products that can be eaten safely with a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system. (Production and quality control are conducted under HACCP production standards.)

    Product details

    Product Name: Traditional Soybean Paste 1kg

    Volume: 1kg

    Ingredients: 96% soybean, 4% sea salt

    Manufacturer: Fromwell

    Distributer: Kreassive LLC

    Storage method: Store in a cool place away from sunlight

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