[KFood] Gopchang Seasoned Seaweed (Can)

[KFood] Gopchang Seasoned Seaweed (Can)

[KFood] Gopchang Seasoned Seaweed (Can)

    [KFood] Gopchang Seasoned Seaweed (Can)

    Only the finest raw grass collected from the clean sea is carefully selected to preserve the natural taste and aroma of seaweed.

    1. It is made with carefully selected only the finest raw grass with 30 years of tradition. Seasoned seaweed was developed as the first super healthy seasoned seaweed.

    2. We manufacture and produce with systematic hygiene management and the latest automation system

    3. It is a premium seaweed that is hygienic as it is stored in a can and good for gifting.

    Try it like this !

    If you eat it on top of warm rice, you can feel the savory and crispy taste of seaweed

    Product details

    Product name : Gopchang Seasoned Seaweed

    Volume : 35g

    Ingredients : Gopchang seaweed, Corn oil, sesame oil, refined salt

    Manufacturer : KFood

    Seller : Kreassisve LLC

    Storage : Store away from direct sunlight and cold places. Be careful not to touch the cutting part of the can at this time.

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