[Cheongyeon Fisheries] Fresh Mackerel 2pk

[Cheongyeon Fisheries] Fresh Mackerel 2pk

[Cheongyeon Fisheries] Fresh Mackerel 2pk

    [Cheongyeon Fisheries] Fresh Mackerel 2pk
    Mackerel with Allium hookeri to catch the fishy smell and season it with low-salt aging with sea salt.

    Seasoned mackerel, representative of Jeollanam-do

    1. It is made of 100% domestic mackerel caught between October and February from the coasts of Jeju.

    2. There is no fishy smell as it is low-salt aged mackerel with Allium hookeri powder and Sinan sea salt.

    3. Fillet-type mackerel meat with bones, head, and intestines removed.

    4. Allium hookeri is a root vegetable that allows you to feel the three tastes of sweet, bitter, and spicy at the same time, and is known as a functional healthy vegetable that is good for the human body.

    How to enjoy

    No need to clean, remove fishy smell, or season separately, just remove the wrapper and bake right away to complete a delicious fish side dish! Season with red pepper powder and soy sauce, add vegetables, and cook by steaming or stewing.

    Manufacturing Process

    We produce products that can be eaten safely with a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system. (Production and quality control are conducted under the HACCP standard.)

    Product details

    Product name : Mackerel

    Volume : 240-360g (2pk)

    Ingredients : Mackerel, sea salt, Allium hookeri powder, kelp powder

    Manufacturer : Cheongyeon Fisheries

    Distributer : Kreassive LLC

    Store method : Keep frozen below -18°C.

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