[E-Clean Kimchi] Pure White Kimchi 1KG

[E-Clean Kimchi] Pure White Kimchi 1KG

[E-Clean Kimchi] Pure White Kimchi 1KG

    [E-Clean Kimchi] Pure White Kimchi 1KG

    When you want to eat kimchi with a light and cool taste, there is no better food than E-Cleans's white kimchi. Jeollanam-do's E-Clean Kimchi is a kimchi specialty brand that provides premium kimchi made with carefully selected agricultural products.

    1. We make our white kimchi with a low-salt pickling method. We use high quality Sinan bay salt and use a traditional fermenting method.
    2. We season with shiitake mushrooms, salted shrimp, salted anchovies, garlic, and ginger to add an umami taste.

    Hygienic and safe food is produced in a HACCP-approved facility with meticulous checks from raw material warehousing to shipment.

    Enjoy it like this!

    1. For children who don't like spicy kimchi, you can cut it into small pieces and use it as a side dish.

    2. If you grill pork belly and roll it with white kimchi, you can make white kimchi pork belly roll.

    Product details

    Product Name: Pure White Kimchi

    Capacity: 1kg

    Ingredients: Pickled cabbage 49%, purified water, radish (domestic), onion (domestic), refined salt (domestic), pear (domestic), garlic (domestic), sugar, ginger (domestic), green onion (domestic), red pepper (domestic) Korean), chives (Korean), jujube (Korean), chestnut (Korean), anchovy fish sauce

    Distributer: Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method: Refrigerate

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