[Wando_Gogeum_Bada Fisheries Corp.] Maesaengi Salad 300g

[Wando_Gogeum_Bada Fisheries Corp.] Maesaengi Salad 300g

[Wando_Gogeum_Bada Fisheries Corp.] Maesaengi Salad 300g

     [Wando_Gogeum_Bada Fisheries Corp.] Maesaengi Salad 300g

    Maesaengi is a representative winter seaweed produced in the Namdo region. Grown in the clean area of ​​Wando’s Gogeum Sea, it is full of the rich scent of the sea. They are particularly rich in nutrients and taste great. This is a maesaengi salad made by adding Haegeumman's special vinegar-based sauce to the rich taste of maesaengi.

    Item Specialty Checkpoint
    1. Clean wind and warm sunlight, healthy food that was born and raised in the sea of ​​Gogeum, Wando. It is a winter seasonal seaweed that grows naturally in water and sunlight, and has excellent taste and nutrition.
    2. Nutritious simple packaging! The perfect side dish for modern people! It is packaged in a 300g standing pouch, so you can easily enjoy it as a side dish for 3-4 people.

    3. Delicacy in winter This is a healthy plum salad with high iron and calcium content.

    4. We conduct thorough quality control and hygiene management with the idea that my family eats in a hygienic and safe facility. It is safely produced in a safe facility that you can trust and eat.

    Enjoy it like this !
    1. It is an appetizing side dish for rice, porridge, or simple meals.

    2. It is good as a convenient lunch box side dish.

    3. It is packaged in a 300g pouch, so it is a salad that you can enjoy comfortably and deliciously.

    Product detail

    Product Name: Mesaengi Salad
    Capacity: 300g
    Ingredients: Maesaengi, purified water, sugar, apple cider vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, glucose, alcohol, malt extract, lemon
    Manufacturer : Wando_Gogeum_Bada
    Salesperson: Kreassive LLC
    Storage Method: Freezing

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