[Naju Fish] Raw Skate (Wings) 200g

[Naju Fish] Raw Skate (Wings) 200g

[Naju Fish] Raw Skate (Wings) 200g


    [Naju Fish] Raw Skate (Wings) 200g

    One of the delicacies of Jeollanam-do is raw skate. The unique spicy taste and savory taste of skate are excellent.
    It is delicious even if you eat skate samhap with soft pork and aged paper in the savory skate sashimi with a chewy texture.

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    1. It is fermented skate sashimi that is aged by cutting only the wings of skate, which has an excellent frown and pungent taste. Red pepper paste is also packaged with raw skate.

    2. Naju Fisheries Skate is a slow low-temperature aging technique that enhances the flavor of skate and minimizes the mushyness, so it is fermented to the core.

    3. The best skate is selected based on self-examination standards, so the taste and flavor are much better.

    4. With a thorough production management and hygiene inspection system, we produce products that can be safely eaten. Production and quality control are conducted under the HACCP standard.

    Eat like this!

    1. If you eat raw skate with pork and kimchi, delicious skate samhap is completed.

    2. If you enjoy skate sashimi and takju together, you can soften the stimulating ingredients of skate.

    Storage Method

    keep it in the freezer.



    1. Due to ammonia generated when skate is fermented, the mouth may be tingling or loose depending on the degree of erosion during intake.
    (Depending on the degree, it will heal naturally within 1 to 4 days.)

    2. When eating cartilage in skate, please take it carefully. .
    (For those with weak teeth or children, we recommend cartilage-free areas.)



    1. Skate gets lighter red after cutting and turns gray as it ages. .

    2. Red is just a beginning difference, and there is no difference in taste, so you can eat it with confidence.

    3. Skate is an aged food, so you can eat it as a circuit even in summer.


    Product details

    Product Name : Raw Skate

    Capacity : 200g

    Ingredients : Skate wings 100% (from Argentina)

    Manufacturer : Naju Fish

    Salesperson : Kreassive LLC

    Storage Method : keep it in the freezer.

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